Our Products

The production of all our product on a large scale from retail to wholsale has mainly being influenced by the need for an environmentally friendly energy heating source. Our raw materials are locally sourced from all over Zambia, these are forest waste i.e leaves, old fallen trees and agricultural waste such as stalks and rice husks from farming.

These are processed and shipped into logs to make Briquettes. Wood Charcoal is produced from the fallen trees and activated Charcoal is produced as the by-product of the carbonization process.


Our Briquettes are carbon monoxide and toxin free. They last upto 6 times longer than ordinary wood Charcoal. They burn hot, long and slow making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage.


Our wood charcoal is carbon Monoxide and Toxin free, because it is less compact, It burns faster than our briquettes making it last up to 2 hours. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor usage as needed.


Produced from forest and agricultural waste ideal as an industrial and domestic heating source. Pellets produce Carbon monoxide and are not ideal for indoor usage. They are a perfect substitude for wood thermal energy without the enviromental impact.

Activated Charcoal

Produced to meet the threshold of scientific use that includes medicinal, Industrail and mineral processing.